About Company

International Skill Development Company was established in 2011 with the aim of enhancing the skills of the new generation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to compete with future challenges and to serve the Nation. Technology is an ever changing medium. By the time our current generation jumps into the work life, they will face an even newer technological world. With this in mind, we must prepare our children to be part of a better future, both for them and for our Nation. In unison with this mission, ISDC acquired the world-class American EDUtainment preschool curriculum, FasTracKids, which offers programs for children from ages 6 months to 9 years. FasTracKids is a true pioneer in the field of afterschool edutainment and we look forward to better serving the kingdom.

International Skill Development Company has rapidly expanded its foothold since 2011. The ISDC has grown tremendously in these couple of years. Under the umbrella of ISDC there are several projects running successfully. Our projects enable our generation & skilled personals to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world, to enhance their competitiveness or to achieve efficiency gains.

FasTracKids, BETA, BMC, Hamza Soft, Takatuf.

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